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BIGTREETECH TMC2225 Silent Stepper Drive

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– 2 phase stepper motors up to 2A coil current (peak).

– STEP/DIR Interface with 4, 8, 16, or 32 microstep pin settings.

– Smooth running 256 microsteps by MicroPlayer Interpolation.

– StealthChop2 silent motor operation.

– SpreadCycle high dynamic motor control chopper.

– Low RDSon LS 280 mOhm & HS 290 mOhm (typ. 25 deg C)

– Voltage range 4.75-36 VDC.

– Automatic standby current operation (option).

– Internal Sense Resistor option (no sense resistors required).

– Passive Breaking and Free Wheeling.

– Single Wire UART & OTP for advanced configuration options.

– Integrated pulse generator for standalone motion.

– Full Protection and Diagnostics.

– HTSSOP package for best thermal resistance.


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