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20 Angle 0.2mm V Carving Micro Tool Milling Machine Cutter Bit

د.ع 5,000

بريمة حفر ونقش تستعمل مع مواد مختلفة.

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Multifunctional in:

Metal: steel, aluminium, iron, copper, stainless-steel;

Hard wood, acrylic, and so on.

Metal Cutter Applications:

Multipurpose engraving, high precision carving, 3D sculpture;

Lettering, carving seal, line engraving, marking out.

Machine Tools Advantages:

High precision, special grinded technology;

Good toughness, precise & stable metal engraving working;

High cost efficient, long service life, save money!

Easy to resharpen, save cost!

Specification / Available Sizes:

(1) Brand: SHARP-TOOLS;

(2) SHANK: 0.125″ / 0.16″ / 0.24″ / 0.32″ (3.175mm / 4mm / 6mm / 8mm).


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