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  • مشغلات هادئة من BIGTREETECH موديل TMC2225.

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  • كيبل شريطي لمحركات خطويه بطول واحد 1 متر.

    العدد: 3 كيبلات ملتصقة في شريط واحد ويمكن فصلها بسهولة عند الحاجة.

    This item is manufactured with premium material for durable and long-lasting use. It’s easy to use and install. The precise design will ensure its practicability in the work with high performance. Specifications: Item Type: Stepper Motor Cable Material: PVC Cable length: 1m/3.28ft (Approx.) Connector: 4-Pin Female-Female XH2.54 Connector Suitable for 3D Printer Nema17 stepper motor Quantity: 1 Set (3Pcs)


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  • مشغل محرك خطوي A4988 مع مشتت حراري. يستعمل لإدارة المحركات في الطابعات ثلاثية الابعاد وغيرها.

    ملاحظة/ المنتج قد يكون باللون الأحمر او الأخضر بحسب المتوفر.


    This product is a breakout board for Allegro’s A4988 DMOS Microstepping Driver with Translator and Overcurrent Protection; please read the A4988 datasheet carefully before using this product. This stepper motor driver lets you to operate bipolar stepper motors in full-, half-, quarter-, eighth-, and sixteenth-step modes, with an output drive capacity of up to 35 V and 2 A. The translator is the key to the easy implementation of the A4988. Simply inputting one pulse on the STEP input drives the motor one microstep. There are no phase sequence tables, high frequency control lines, or complex interfaces to program. The A4988 interface is an ideal fit for applications where a complex microprocessor is unavailable or is overburdened.


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  • مشغل محرك خطوي DRV8825 مع مشتت حراري يستعمل لإدارة المحركات الخطوية في الطابعات ثلاثية الابعاد وغيرها.

    Product Advantage

    • PCB copper plating process upgrade to 2oz (copper skin thickness of 70UM, ordinary is 35um), copper content is higher, heat dissipation performance of course better. with heat sink
    • Pin welded, quality pin, good quality.
    • Different batches of PCB color depth is slightly different, the quality is equally excellent
    • Size: 1.5mmX2mm (for RAMPS, Ultimaker, or other compatible boards);
    • Drive current: 2A (the best installation of heat sink, it will be equipped with heat sink, you need to install their own)
    • Segments: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16
    • Manufacturing process: SMT placement machine manufacturing, good quality, higher performance, more stable.
    • The DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier board TI DRV8825 micro bipolar stepper motor drive is a breakthrough. The module has a pinout and interface with our A4988 stepper motor driver carrier is almost the same, so it can be used as a better performance of the pull-down menu board replacement in many applications. DRV8825 features an adjustable current limit, overcurrent and overtemperature protection, six micro-resolution (down 1/32-step).
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  • محرك خطوي يستعمل مع الطابعات ثلاثية الابعاد ومكائن سي ان سي صغيرة الحجم مع كيبل التوصيل.

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